Vendor Financing

Vendor Financing

For Your Business To Be Fundable, It Needs To Be Seen As A Low Risk Of Default. Ok, How? First, get vendor financing.

All lenders hate making loans that go bad, everyone loses.

For lenders, it is all about having a loan portfolio full of performing loans from borrowers that were seen as being a low risk of default before that loan was funded. So how do they determine who is Low Risk?

You are aware in personal credit your scores above 720 get you viewed as a "Low Risk" of default, right? With business credit the same is true with the only difference is you need scores of 70 or above.

  • To get personal scores above 700 you need reporting tradelines. Same in business credit.
    Tradelines are simply businesses that are reporting to the credit agencies each month on how you are paying your bills. Pay on-time and scores go up. Pay late and scores go down.
  • You have to have a good number of reporting tradelines.
    You know that if you only had one or two tradelines on your personal reports then you would not have enough history to get approved for large loans. The same is true with business credit. The lender needs to see a pattern of consistent on-time payments. The optimal number of reporting tradelines to show that low-risk pattern is 10.
  • You must have some credit history.
    If lenders looked at your personal credit reports and only saw a few months of history then there too they could not see you as low risk because your history is too short. The same is true of business credit. At six months the pattern of low risk begins to show itself but it is not fully optimized until each tradeline has a two-year history.
  • We make it easy.
    Our business success system shows you how many reporting tradelines your business has now. We show you how to get 10 reporting tradelines for products and services your business needs that at the same time will help make your business fundable when you show a consistent pattern of on-time payments. This gets you seen as a "Low Risk".

Inside our business success system, you will have access to step-by-step comprehensive instruction to obtain reporting tradeline vendor financing.