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The process is simple. We will run a funding range report on you and any of your partners. This utilizes a free soft credit pull to instantly tell us how much can be funded for a spectrum of lending programs. It does not effect your credit in any way and will also show us if there are items that may need to be addressed to maximize your funding.
At any one time there are about 20 different funding programs from credit based, asset based, revenue based, contract based, receivable based, equipment based, etc. There are over 4,000 business lenders in the United States and we know the approval underwriting guidelines of them all. If we can't get you funded, no one can.
Some of the funding programs can be in your bank account within 48 to 72 hours, others within 7 to 10 days, and still others take about three weeks. It varies with the type of funding program you elect to go for and the amount that is being funded.
The funding fees will range from 6.9 percent to 9.9 percent of the funding amount depending on the amount funded and the funding program. If you are going to get funded $50,000 in credit lines the rate will be closer to 9.9 but if you get funded $250,000 in a business term loan the rate would be closer to 6.9.
No, the funding fee is one-time and taken only once you have been successfull funded. Your money is in your pocket before you have to pay us.
Yes! Our success system has six sections. Lender compliance, which is all about making you low risk to lenders. Optimize credit, which is building strong business and personal credit scores. Access funding, which is funding programs and vendor lines of credit. Increase rankings, which is doing everything to increase SEO, social media, star ratings, and back links. Local listing, which is making sure you are on the major ocal listing and directory services. And Maximize value, which is about increasing your SDE (seller's discretionary earnings) so that your business is worth as much as possible.
Absolutely! The system started as a business credit building platform. It is the oldest and the very best around. It has over 150 business credit reporting vendors who will extend business credit terms to start-up companies for a very wide range of products, services, and credit cards. Then once a company has established a business credit score of 70+ they can access over 3,000 vendors extending credit terms for every product and service imaginable.
Absolutely is the real however it is a goal and not an overnight thing. The 150 vendors in the system extending credit terms are corp only. Many of the funding programs are corp only. But when it comes to unsecured lines of credit for banks or credit unions those are either going to have to be personally gauranteed or the business itself will need to be strong. Strong typically means at least two years in business, at least $35,000 a month in revenue, a minimum of 10 reporting business credit tradelines, and business credit scores of 70 or above.
1 installment loan such as a business term loan, equipment lease, or SBA loan, 3 business credit cards, and 5 vendor lines of credit. This is a general rule of thumb for building excellent business credit scores in the shortest period of time. Pay all your bills at least 10 days early to obtain 80 or higher business credit scores.
They are over 3,000 B2B vendors for every product and service imaginable. There are credit reporting and non-reporting. Access to them is limited to those businesses we have funded and who have already utilized the 150+ vendors in the business credit building sections to obtain at least 10 reporting business trade lines and have built built strong business credit scores of 70 or above.
Typically about 4 to 6 months to get it right and establish a strong profile with business credit scores of 70 or above. It all depends of the sticking to the success system instructions, using your new reporting credit accounts, and paying your bills at least 10 days early.
Yes, inside the success system is the Maximize Value section that teaches you about the importance of maintaining your SDE (seller's discretionary earnings) to make your business as attractive as possible to new buyers, to be able to get the very best price for your business, and how to get a free professional valuations with sales consultations.