Business Finance & Success Education

Business Finance Programs

This article goes into detail describing the top twenty small business financing programs including those for startups and those whose owners have less than perfect personal credit. It categorizes them them traditional financing programs and those that are considered more alternative financing. This article lets you see which business financing programs amay be best for where your business is at currently.

Lender Compliance

Lenders will categorize your business by its risk of default based on what their history has been with similar businesses. Lender Compliance is a series oif items that if your business has not not completed will place you into higher risk of default categories and result in you either being declined, receiving less financing, or getting funded less. This article describes the item of lender comliance that your business needs to complete.

Building Business Credit

If you want your business to be able to stand on its own for financing without the owners having to personally sign for every loan then you are going to have to build strong business credit scores. Strong business credit scores means having at least 10 reporting credit trade lines and at a minimum a 1-3-5. The fastest method for building strong business credit scores are detailed in this article including a description of the 1-3-5 method.

Business Credit Scores

Business credit and tis scores are nothing like personal credit. With personal credit you can be late 29 days with no effect. With business credit being late even 10 days gets reported and can have a dramatic effect on your business credit scores. You should be strived for 70 and above business credit scores. Here we instruct you how business scores are built and calculated so that you will know just how the game is played and be able to win it.

Business Owner Credit

The personal credit of the business owners is a critical factor in getting approved for many types of business loans. But unlike personal loans, business lenders are looking a much more than just your scores. Business lenders will be looking at balance to limit ratios, debt to income ratios, amount of comparabale credit, age of accounts, recent inquiries, and much more. Here we go into detail on the items of importance and how to optimize each of them before you apply.

How To Become Bankable

Banks, Credit Unions, and other commercial lenders have underwriting approval formulas for what determines if your business is bankable or approvable. These guidelines can be your business credit scores, the owners credit, your revenue, your industry, your entity type, amd more. In this article we go into detail on what you need to do to make your business bankable so that it can not only be approved but can also stand on its own for your future business financing needs.