What Client Services Does Level4Finance Provide?

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We consider you to be a client when you complete the business finance pre-qualification test. If you take the time to complete the test, then our job is to serve your needs. We assume that if you take the test, then you are serious about seeking financing for your business and getting that financing for you is how we make our money.

Once you complete the test and become a client, we do the following:

Client Service Step 1 - Consultation Call. When you complete the business finance pre-qualification test we assign a business finance specialist to you. Your specialist will reach out to you by phone and email to go over your test results and discuss what your next steps need to be. During that call, your specialist will discuss what funding options are available now and where you might be close on other funding programs.  Your specialist will also introduce you to our back office business finance system.

Client Service Step 2 - Back Office Business Finance System. After you complete the test, you will receive an email with your user ID and password to our back office system. Inside the system are your available funding programs with information showing what each program is about, how it works, and what its approval criteria are. The back office system also contains a step by step guide to completing lender compliance items, how to build your business credit, and how to optimize your personal credit scores.

Client Service Step 3 - Business Funding Tracking. Once you elect to apply for any available funding programs you are assigned a funding tracking processor. This processor will make sure that everything on your application is complete, and the information provided has been verified before it is submitted to underwriting for approval. Your processor will collect up any required support documentation and keep you informed as to where you are in the funding process. Our processor will also any questions you have about amounts to be funding, rates, terms, etc.

Client Service Step 4 - Business Finance Optimization.  While our immediate goal is to get your business financed, our long term client service goal is to optimize your future ability to obtain financing. Unfortunately, many business owners are short sighted and only deal with the here and now part of business financing. It is very important to your ability to obtain business financing that you follow the game plan that is clearly laid out for you in our step by step back office system. Completing all those steps will open up a world of business financing to you and in most cases make your business bankable.

Our main client service is to serve your business finance needs. We do that by providing you with all the educational and instructional tools you need to get the job done. No one can optimize your ability to obtain financing but you. That is a job that you must accomplish, but we are here to make sure that you know how to do that.  Our client services begin when you complete the business finance pre-qualification test. So complete the test and let's get started.