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Book 1 - How to Prepare & Present a Successful Business Funding Request
This workbook is designed to ask questions about your business, the industry you are in, what are your gross and net margins, and to help you create realistic revenue projections that lenders or investors can believe. It will let you see what different lenders need to approve your request for funding. If you really want to fund your business, this workbook is a great place to start.

Book 2 - How to Build Your Business Credit Scores ... Fast
What is Business Credit? Who reports it? What difference does it make?  What are the three major agencies? What is a bank rating? What is Lender Compliance? What is vendor credit, why is it vital, and how do I get approved for it? Are there business credit cards available that won't show up on my personal credit? How long does it take to build business credit scores? These questions and more are answered in this workbook.

Book 3 - The Art and Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital
Every year thousands of business owners will waste valuable time chasing after Venture Capital or Angel Investors when they had no clue even where to start. The workbook let's you see if your business or idea is of investment quality.  It provides step-by-step instructions on what to do to position your business to best to attract investment capital. If you want to get an investment in your business, then this is a good place to start.

Book 4 - Start A Business - Where To Begin and How To Grow
Education is what you get going to school. Experience is what you get mostly by making mistakes. This workbook is what they don't teach in business school. It covers those things that all business owners wish they had known before they made those mistakes and many of those mistakes will cost you a lot of money. Get your business started right and hopefully you will not have to correct all those mistakes later.