Why Take The Business Finance Pre-Qualification Test?

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The answer to that question is fairly simple.

Taking the business finance pre-qualification test allows you to safely see what business funding programs you qualify for now and how to qualify for more in the future.

When you take the test, there will be many benefits made available to your business:

First Benefit - No Credit Inquiry.  The test is not an application and does not check either your personal credit or your business credit. Therefore, the test does not place inquiries on any credit reports. The test does check to see if your business has its own business credit reports and scores and how many trade lines are found on them.  You will know for free if you have business credit scores or not. That is a good thing.

Second Benefit - Instant Results. You do not have to wait to see if you pre-qualify, the test gives you your results after you hit the submit button. Again, you will see what funding programs you pre-qualify for now and where you may be coming up short on others, for free.  You lower your risk of getting declined by knowing that you pre-qualify before you apply for a line of credit. About 80% of all business loan applications get declined simply because business owners don't know, in advance, what it takes to get approved. The test eliminates that.

Third Benefit - Business Finance and Credit Education. The test is not just a go or no go thing. It will show you which funding programs you qualify for right now, but it will also show where you are coming up short and exactly what to do about it. Inside our business finance and credit education system, you are shown how to complete all Lender Compliance items, how to build your business credit scores, how to optimize your personal credit scores, and how to pre-qualify for more funding programs in the future.

Fourth Benefit - Business Finance Consultation Call. Everyone who completes the business finance pre-qualification test receives one consultation call. You get to speak to a business finance specialist who can answer your questions about your next steps and give you some personal guidance to help reach your goals. We have two types of support staff for you. The first type is available after you complete the test and provides information about what to do next. The second type is our funding specialists who will be your support through the funding process once you elect to submit your application.

There are many other benefits that are made available to your business when you take the test. We call ourselves Level4Finance because the test addresses all four levels of financing your business which are; lender compliance, owner's credit scores, business credit scores, and available finance programs.

Once you complete the test, you will have no doubt about where your business and financing ability stand on all four levels. Better yet, you will know exactly what to do to optimize your financing opportunities.